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Am I Entitled to Disability Benefits For My Work-Related Injury?

Have you suffered an injury at work? Do you need help figuring out if you qualify for workers’ compensation payments? Below, we explain how to determine if you are entitled to disability benefits.

Disability Benefits & Your Doctor

To determine if you are eligible for disability benefits after suffering a work-related injury, you will need to visit your doctor. Your personal physician is the person who can decide if your injuries have healed enough for you to resume your work duties. Your doctor can also decide if you can work with limited restrictions or if your injuries will require you to take more time away from work.

You will need to contact both your claim adjuster and your treating doctor about returning to work. If your treating doctor decides you can return to work with certain restrictions and your employer is unable to accommodate such restrictions, you will be eligible for disability benefits. You will also be entitled to disability benefits if your doctor deems that you are not completely healed enough to return to work.

How Much Will I Get Paid for My Disability Benefits?

If you are approved for disability benefits, your workers’ compensation insurer should pay you two-thirds of your average weekly pay. To calculate the amount of money you should get through workers’ comp, divide your weekly gross earnings by two-thirds.

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