3 Steps to Take if You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse

#1. File a Written Complaint.

As soon as you suspect your loved one is being mistreated, file a written complaint with the facility where they are staying. Rather than calling and leaving a voice message, you should always communicate your complaint in print through a letter, email, or other written notice. Be sure to attach any and all pictorial evidence related to your complaint, if at all possible.

#2. Contact the California Department of Public Health.

When you file a written complaint with the California Department of Public Health, they should conduct an investigation of the facility and the alleged abuse or negligence in question. This typically involves interviewing staff members and evaluating whether or not a violation of state or federal law has occurred.

#3. Visit and Call Your Aging Loved Ones More Often.

Being present is the best way to spot evidence of abuse or neglect quickly. Only connecting with your loved one via phone may lead you to rely on their verbal reports and wrongly assume that they are being treated well. Just as well, visiting infrequently prevents you from spotting negligence or abuse before the point that it becomes disastrous and life-threatening.

The more involved you are in your loved ones’ nursing home care, the more likely you are to spot problems early on and notice health concerns before they become serious.

#4. Contact a Nursing Home Abuse & Elder Law Attorney in Culver City

Seeking legal counsel can help you make sure you have exhausted all your options in remedying the mistreatment of your loved one before taking legal action. In some cases, failure to go through all the proper channels first can make your case weaker and keep your loved one from getting the justice they deserve. When you call Reed & Garcia Law, P.C., we can help you approach your loved one’s nursing home or assisted living care properly and intervene on your behalf when necessary.

Let us come alongside you and help you ensure your loved one receives the care and attention they deserve. Call (310) 242-8933 today to speak to an elder abuse lawyer in Los Angeles.