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Police Misconduct Lawyers in Los Angeles, CA

Unreasonable Force & Other Police Misconduct

One of the most troubling types of cases that we handle as personal injury attorneys involve police misconduct. Here, we have scenarios where the very people charged with the safety of our community commit wrongs against its members. Unreasonable force and other types of misconduct by police officers can lead to serious injuries or even the wrongful death of an innocent person.

At Reed & Garcia Law, P.C., we believe in protecting the members of our community by providing skilled legal counsel in the face of police brutality and misconduct. These are complex and highly emotional cases, often bringing up issues of racial profiling and prejudices that make them all the more difficult to handle. With our experience and our passion for helping the injured, however, we can seek justice and expose police brutality.

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Proving Battery or Misconduct by a Peace Officer

In taking on a case of police misconduct for one of the members of our community, we must be able to prove all the necessary elements of the claim to establish fault. This includes showing that unreasonable force was used. While peace officers are allowed to use reasonable force to arrest or detain a person that the officer has probable cause to believe has committed a crime, they should not use excessive or unreasonable force.

The following factors will influence the determination of reasonable versus unreasonable force in a police misconduct case:

  • The severity of the crime the officer had probable cause to believe was committed;
  • Whether the plaintiff posed an immediate threat to the safety of the officer or to others; and
  • Whether the plaintiff was actively trying to evade arrest or to resist the officer.

There is often a fine line between an officer taking reasonable steps to detain a suspect and committing an act of battery or brutality. Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers understand how to determine whether an officer’s conduct was improper and can take the necessary steps to file a complaint and take legal action against the officer or department. We can pursue financial compensation for medical bills, pain, suffering, and other injuries or losses you may have experienced.

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