In Personal Injury, You Are the Result

Our Case History Is a History of Helping People

When you're healthy, back on your feet, and making a living again, that's the strongest case result we could hope for. The idea behind the personal injury system is to give workers a hand as they recover from accidents, but few insurance companies honor that agreement upfront. Instead, lawyers like us have to force companies to honor the insured. So, that's exactly what we do.
    • $375,000 Settlement

      Dispute against a nightclub for a fall, which caused significant injuries to the client.

    • $325,000 Settlement

      Settlement of a case where my client was pinned by a car against a building and was recommended for a knee surgery

    • $200,000 Settlement

      Dispute against a trucking company in connection with a rear end accident that caused significant foot/ankle injuries.

    • $190,000 Settlement

      Dispute against a nursing home where the client received significant bruising.

    • $150,000 Settlement

      Dispute against a city in connection with a rear end car accident.

    • $115,000 Settlement

      Settlement of a rear end car collision which caused the client to undergo epidural injections due to severe back pain