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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our team at Reed & Garcia Law, PC understand that you may have a lot of questions regarding your workers’ compensation claim. We have compiled a list of questions that we often hear, however, you may have further matters that require a conversation with one of our knowledgeable Los Angeles workers' compensation attorneys.

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Do I need a workers’ comp attorney?

Of course, you have the choice of whether or not to retain the services of a workers’ comp lawyer in Los Angeles & Bakersfield. The laws however, are very difficult to navigate if you are not familiar with them. If you are not properly represented, you run the risk of making mistakes that can lead to your claim being denied. We can deal directly with your employer’s attorney and the workers’ compensation insurance carrier, leaving you to concentrate on healing. Reed & Garcia Law, PC lawyers for you to ensure you get the care you deserve. Our goal is the wellness of our clients and making sure that due compensation is paid.

What should I do after I have been injured at work?

After an injury, make sure you report the accident to your supervisor or manager. Seek medical attention and make sure your doctor documents your injuries, including any worsening symptoms. Get the contact information from any co-workers or other witnesses and write down what you remember as soon as possible. If it is safe to do so, take pictures of the scene. The more information we can gather, the stronger the case.

How much will I get for my injuries?

The amount of money you may be entitled to depend on your unique circumstances. Once our Los Angeles & Bakersfield workers' compensation attorney has all the information that is pertinent to the case, they can make a rough estimate. Compensation is based on the nature and severity of the injury.

Can I get fired for filing a workers’ comp claim?

It is unlawful for an employer to fire an employee who has filed a workers’ compensation claim. If your employer retaliates against you for your injuries, our attorneys can assist you with getting legal help for employment matters.

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